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Classic & Vintage Car Auctions

Classic cars appeal not only to car buffs, but also to aficionados of design, engineering, history, and culture. Like classic films, cars are an art form where many sciences and art forms work together in perfect unison. The craftsmanship and pride in older cars brings us back to another time.

Once produced manually by craftsmen, classic cars have withstood the passage of time, lending them character, a story, and value in today’s market.

Most cars depreciate as they age.
Not the classic cars we auction.

Whether your car is un-restored or in mint condition, selling it for its full worth requires planning, effort, and experience. You must consider many questions when selling your classic car, from how to price it to how to market it, from how to get it – an entire car – to bidders or vice versa.

We at Central Mass Auctions have earned ourselves a reputation of holding auctions with high bidder turnouts, with classic-car enthusiasts among those bidders.

We can handle the logistics, tell the story behind your classic car, and get you the fullest return for it. Your car may be worth more than it was when it was in showroom condition.

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255 Park Ave. Suite # 1000

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