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We’ll make the auction the one easy, profitable part of your divorce

Divorce often creates a need to sell property quickly for whatever reason. Many divorcing couples find this is the simplest and least expensive way to manage an uncontested divorce. Rather than quibbling over the value of every last item they simply sell everything and divide up the proceeds. Divorce auctions are becoming more and more common. Sometimes, these auctions are also court-ordered.

In either case, Central Mass Auctions can help. A combination of an estate sale and/or an estate auction should allow you to get the most money for your property, especially if your home is full of highly valuable, unique, or antique pieces.

Neither party is likely to be satisfied by other methods of disposing of the property. Attempting to list every piece on eBay, for example, would simply result in the need to manage a lot of hauling in shipping. By contrast, we handle every aspect of getting the property into the new owner’s hands and collecting payment so you don’t have to.

Many couples do not really know what they have under their own roofs. We’ve seen divorce auctions where $25,000 art pieces sat neglected on walls and old pieces of sports memorabilia were collecting dust in closets. Imagine if you sold off those items for $5 or $10 at a garage sale!

Since divorce usually has such a profound financial effect on both parties it’s wise to make the most of these assets. We will help you identify any truly valuable items and help you get them sold. We also offer online auctions when the home is too remote to create a viable sale on the premises.

Once the auction is complete you have the power to start a new life with a clean slate, as well as a bundle of money that can give you the financial boost you need to begin anew. Of course, sometimes divorcees bid on some of their own property so they can get back some of the items that matter to them.

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