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Estate Jewelry Auctions: Sold with Respect and for the Highest Return

Trying to sell estate jewelry is a labor of love.  A rare or one-of-a-kind piece of gold or silver in your family’s estate is also a piece of your family’s history, which can make parting with it emotionally taxing.  Even when you are ready to part with it, you’ll likely have no idea of its worth – though one thing you do know is you won’t get what it’s worth on Ebay or at the corner pawn shop.

Yet the process can be thrilling, in that you might have a small treasure on your hands.  Estate jewelry is often worth more than we think.

We at Central Mass Auctions can tell you what your estate jewelry is worth, and get you what it’s worth.  From our estate sales, to in-person auctions, to online auctions, we have the means to get your estate jewelry in front of collectors who were just waiting for estate jewelry like yours to be up for sale.

Why people bid on estate jewelry

Older pieces of jewelry often have a soul that newer, mass-produced pieces lack. Some of the finest-crafted pieces of jewelry in the modern era were made between the 1940s and 1980s. Many collectors and other buyers have memories attached to pieces like those, and are drawn to the “you can’t get this anywhere else” quality.  They tend to bid (and outbid) accordingly.

Why Central Mass Auctions?

Because there are no guidelines to selling one-of-a-kind jewelry, it takes a seasoned auctioneer to know the unique history and true worth of it.  Though your jewelry may be one-of-a-kind, our auctioneers are likely to know as much as anyone can about its provenance and pedigree – and how best to tell the story to the buyers who want to know.

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