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Vintage and Antique Farm Equipment Auctions

If you own or inherited a farm, you’ve got a few challenges most people never experience.  One of them is: what should you do with valuable farm equipment that you don’t need?

Assuming you can’t (or don’t want to) refurbish or re-purpose the equipment, and you don’t have an overwhelming sentimental attachment to it, your best bet probably is to sell your farm equipment at auction.  You’re confident that somewhere a collector is looking for exactly what you’ve got, and you know you can put the auction proceeds to good use.

Central Mass Auctions can help.  With our 20+ years of experience in antique auctions and estate sales, and our proximity to and knowledge of the old family farms of Massachusetts and New England, we’ve helped farm owners get maximum return for their antique and vintage farm equipment.

Below are some post-auction photos of farm equipment we sold at a farm in Northborough, MAIf the photos remind you what’s on your farm or estate, and you want maximum return for it, please call Central Mass Auctions at 508-612-6111, or email us.

Rider Ericsson Engine Co. Cast Iron Hot Air Engine - sold for $5,250

Rider Ericsson Engine Co. Cast Iron Hot Air Engine – sold for $5,250

Vintage tractor

Vintage Ford Tractor

Vintage farm truck

Brockway antique flatbed truck


Vintage sleigh

Antique tractor chassis

Antique orchard sprayer wagon

Imperial Rotary Washer

Imperial Rotary Washer

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255 Park Ave. Suite # 1000

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