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I’ve discussed cross-collectibles in previous columns – these are items that appeal to two or more groups of collectors.

For instance, an old circus poster will be of interest to poster collectors, those interested in circus memorabilia,collectors of local history if it mentions the town or city where it was taking place or may appeal to people who just like the graphics and want to display it. Most people enjoy learning more about the history of their towns. Many collectors like to acquire pieces related to their area. With settlements taking place in Central Massachusetts beginning in the 1600’s, there are a wide variety of antiques for people to collect.Some of our more recent history is very popular and there is a wide variety of memorabilia prior to World War II that is coveted by collectors.

We will be holding a combined auction and on-site tag sale of an old filling station in Auburn. The tag sale is on Aug. 17, and auction takes place on Sept.26.

Photos when the station was in business show the gas station and pumps with glass globes on top. There is a large sign advertising Tydol. Tidewater Oil produced Tydol gasoline and Veedol oil. The website states that Tidewater began to produce gasoline on the East Coast in the 1915’s or 1920’s. J. Paul Getty later acquired Tidewater. In 1932 they introduced the “Flying A” brand for their premium gasoline

As you fill up at a self-serve gas station paying nearly $4 a gallon for gas,you can think back to a time in the 1920’s or 30’s when the filling station in Auburn was checking your oil, washing your windows and you were getting your tank filled for a dollar and getting some change.

A family member informed me that a diner also operated at the location.Old photographs show some of the advertising signs on the side of the building.There is a gentleman walking past large Coca-Cola and Old Gold cigarette signs.

The tag sale on Aug.17 will include some gas station memorabilia along with many antiques and other items that will be sold at the home that day. There will also be an opportunity to view the highlight of the auction, which is the gas station structure. It can be viewed that day and bidding will take place at our Sept. 26. auction.

The building was built by “William Buchanan Angle Frame Fireproof Steel Portable Buildings’ of Brooklyn, N.Y. An article in the Oct. 1, 1920 Sheet Metal Worker periodical states that around 1900 Buchanan received an order for a portable sheet metal building for export and began producing garages and one story buildings. The owner informed me that she has received many inquiries from passersby looking to buy the small structure.

We will also be auctioning some of the gas station and diner signs.There is an enamel Texaco sign,vintage license plates, wooden “no parking”sign,Old Gold cigarettes sign and Moxie soda sign.It will be worth filling your tank to stop by the tag sale and auction and to view these great pieces of local history.

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