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Historical Memorabilia Auctions

Pieces with history are antiques or collectibles.  Pieces from history are historical memorabilia.  Whether your piece is connected to well-known figures or simply came from an eventful chapter in history, it can sell for more than a few shillings.

Examples of historical memorabilia include certain books, manuscripts, letters, signed documents, furniture, house-ware, and wartime artifacts.  But any object may be woven into the fabric of history, so a piece of historical memorabilia can take nearly any form.  

Based in history-soaked Massachusetts, Central Mass Auctions has auctioned historical memorabilia of all kinds for the last 20 years.  Below are a few examples.

A handwritten letter from Theodore Roosevelt, written when he was a student at Harvard:

Handwritten letter from Theodore Roosevelt

A lap desk owned by Civil War General (and one-time presidential contender) Benjamin Butler:

Lap desk owned by General Benjamin Butler

A 19th Century Colt revolver:

19th Century Colt

A sealskin coat worn by Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd on one of his arctic expeditions:

Sealskin coat worn by Admiral Richard Byrd

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