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Everything in Lexington has history – including the contents of your estate.  Some of the items’ history gives them strictly personal or sentimental value, whereas other items’ history makes them valuable to sell in an auction (or an estate sale).  Central Mass Auctions can get you the maximum return for any antiques and collectibles in your Lexington estate.

As a Massachusetts native, a history buff, a decades-long auctioneer, and an auctioneer who’s helped clients in and around Lexington, Wayne Tuiskula of Central Mass Auctions is in a unique position to know the history of your estate contents, and to know where the eager bidders are.

Some items we’ve auctioned from Lexington estates include:

A John O’Brien nautical painting – sold for over $20,000

John O'Brien nautical painting - auctioned from Lexington, MA estate

Sterling and other silver:

Silver auctioned from Lexington, MA estate

Funder Schmidt Madsen Danish Modern design chairs:

Funder Schmidt Madsen Danish Modern chair - auctioned from Lexington estate

Georgian knife boxes:

Georgian knife boxes - sold at auction from Lexington, MA estate

We recommend that valuable items be sold at auction where they may draw bidders from across the country and around the globe. Other items may sell better at an estate sale (tag sale) or online estate auction. A combination of these options is typically best.

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