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If a Martian could only visit one small town to get to appreciate New England, Northborough might be it.  Tucked away in the scenery of central Mass, but less than an hour west of Boston, Northborough is culturally one of the “most Massachusetts” towns we can think of.  Grand and well-built old homes dot a landscape that includes both centuries-old farms and currently operational farms.

Whether you live in Northborough or you inherited an estate or farm there, you probably own some pieces of history sought by collectors.  Whether you want to get maximum return for one item or for a farm or estate full of possible valuables, look no farther than Central Mass Auctions.  For over 20 years we’ve run high-return auctions and estate sales for clients in our native Worcester County and throughout Massachusetts and New England

Below are some photos from an auction we held in Northborough.  We brought antique and vintage farm equipment back to life, by bringing interested collectors to our client’s auction, where they became buyers.

To get the maximum return for your Northborough estate contents – whether in an auction or in an estate sale –  please call Central Mass Auctions at 508-612-6111, or email us.

Rider Ericsson Engine Co. Cast Iron Hot Air Engine - sold for $5,250

Rider Ericsson Engine Co. Cast Iron Hot Air Engine – sold for $5,250

Vintage tractor

Vintage Ford Tractor

Vintage farm truck

Brockway antique flatbed truck


Vintage sleigh

Antique tractor chassis

Antique orchard sprayer wagon

Imperial Rotary Washer

Imperial Rotary Washer

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255 Park Ave. Suite # 1000

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