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Can you conduct an estate auction online? Absolutely! In fact, you can see some of our current online estate auctions by clicking here. You’ll see we sell a large variety of items that command fair market value in our sales.

Why use an online estate auction?

Online estate auctions are a great option for people who are trying to conduct an estate sale or estate auction while continuing to live in their homes. They’re also ideal for customers who live in remote locations, as well as for customers who are simply trying to move or downsize and so might wish to keep some of their items. (See also: Tips for Downsizing).

Rather than carting every piece to our action house, customers simply allow our professional staging and photography team to display each item to its best effect on our ultra-modern e-commerce platform.

By taking advantage of online estate auctions you in fact give yourself a better chance of selling every piece. You open your auction to customers around the world instead of restricting your sale to local customers. More bidders could mean higher returns for your sale.

Why not just use eBay?

Well, you could…but Central Mass Auctions handles all of the details so you don’t have to worry.

When you work with Central Mass Auctions you receive several major benefits, including:

  • Expert appraisals. You get appraisals from Wayne Tuiskula, who is a certified appraiser and has been a collectibles appraiser for PBS’ Antiques Roadshow. This means you’ll start the bidding at an appropriate price instead of selling your pieces short.
  • Expert photography. Most people don’t realize how adjustments in lighting and technique can make their items more (or less) appealing. Photography could make the difference between selling a highly-valued antique and selling “an old piece of junk.”
  • Additional marketing. If you’re not already an eBay Power Seller you might not realize the gargantuan efforts regular sellers make to get traffic to their listings. When you work with us you don’t have to worry about that. We’ll get every piece sold.
  • On eBay, you have to worry about shipping. When you sell with us you do not have to worry about those details. We often ask buyers to either pick up the item on-site or provide their own shipper. You just collect your share of the sale and go on about your business.
  • We reach out to designers, collectors, and others whom we know might be interested in the sale to give your sale its best chance of success. You would not have access to these resources if you attempted to go it alone.

We’ve run hundreds of successful auctions and estate sales both offline and online. Wouldn’t it make sense to extract every bit of value from your estate by working with experts?

Contact us today to set up your online auction or estate sale. You can also read this blog post, where you can learn even more about the benefits of online estate auctions.

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