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Few collectibles are more collectible than vintage toys. Everybody has a favorite. None of us ever really forgets about our favorite. But avid collectors are different in at least two ways: (1) they’ve never stopped building their collection, and (2) they usually have at least one character or car or train missing from their collection.

Thatone toy may be sitting in a box in your garage, or frozen in time in its original packaging. But determining how many obsessed collectors want that exact toy is difficult. It depends on the type of toy, the brand, the model, the materials used, the country of manufacture, when it was made, how many were made, its condition, its packaging, and many other factors.

We at Central Mass Auctions can help you identify what your toy is worth, and get you the maximum return for it. Longtime Massachusetts auctioneer Wayne Tuiskula can appraise and auction vintage toys including (but not limited to):

Pre-WWII toys

  • Lionel and American Flyer trains
  • Made in Japan tin litho cars, trucks, boats and planes
  • Pressed Steel Toy Trucks, Cars, Airplanes and Boats
  • Character toys

Postwar toys

  • Space toys from 1950’s tin robots to 1980’s Star Wars figures
  • Hotwheels Redline Cars and Matchbox Cars
  • Tin Friction Airplanes, Trucks, Boats and Cars
  • Spiderman, Batman, Superman and other Superhero Figures and Accessories
  • Monster and other Character Toys
  • Lionel, American Flyer and Marklin train sets

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