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Many residents of Weston have worked hard to acquire quality luxury items and fine furnishings.

Whether you recently inherited a Weston home filled with valuable antiques or collectibles or you have valuable antiques or collectibles you’d like to sell to eager buyers, for maximum return, Central Mass Auctions can make the process easy for sellers. We at Central Mass Auctions have run estate sales and auctions for clients in Weston and surrounding areas for over 20 years.

One particularly memorable estate in Weston had fine furnishings, a game room filled with wall-to-wall vintage pinball machines, artwork, and antiques. The owner was overwhelmed – uncertain of the value of anything. She needed the personal property sold in a timely manner to meet the closing date for the sale of her home. We were able to appraise and sell the items for fair market value, giving our client peace of mind and the cash she knew her Weston estate contents were worth.

We recommend that valuable items be sold at auction, where they may draw bidders from across Massachusetts, across the country, and perhaps even around the globe. Other items may sell for more at an estate sale (tag sale) or in an online estate auction. Often a combination is  best.

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