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“Are these antiques worth anything?”

Clients contact Central Mass Auctions with high hopes for antiques they’ve either inherited, bought, or have had in their homes, attics, or storage rooms for years. Sometimes, we’re even able to give them great news. Some antiques can, indeed, be worth a great deal of money. And it’s important to know how much they’re worth before you attempt to sell them or auction them off. Otherwise, you may not get the money you deserve.

For more advice on selling your antiques, check out this interesting and informative article. Of course, you can always use our auction service as an easy alternative to attempting to sell your piece yourself.

Do I need an antique appraisal even if I intend to donate the item or items to charity?

Yes. If you don’t appraise the item, you won’t know how much to deduct from your taxes. If the item is worth more than $5000 you are actually required to receive a professional appraisal before donating the item to charity.

Do I need antique appraisal even if I intend to keep the items?

Yes. Appropriate appraisal will help you insure your valuables appropriately. If you lose a highly valuable antique chair during a theft or a storm and you rely on homeowner’s insurance alone, you may not receive the actual value. If you take the time to have the chair appraised and insured appropriately you will at least be compensated for the fair value of the piece, even though the piece may be irreplaceable.

Remember, you will typically need a separate collectables policy…homeowner’s insurance alone is not designed to cover fine antiques.

When should I have my antiques appraised?

This depends on the reason for the appraisal. Market conditions do shift, and antiques can vary wildly in price over time. You may want to get very valuable items appraised once every 5-10 years just to ensure the true value of the item remains up-to-date on all of your policies. Check with your insurance provider as they may have their own requirements.

How long will it take you to appraise my antique item?

When appraising items for the Antiques Roadshow, Wayne made appraising antiques look easy. Most of the process occurs behind the scenes. Cameramen capture the big reveal to keep the show exciting for viewers.

Outside of TV Land, an appraisal can take 24 hours or more. An estate appraisal may take over a month.  Every piece is different. Sometimes we have to do in-depth research to discover the worth of the piece. It’s not a matter of just looking at it and saying, “Oh! Of course! That’s a $4,000 Fireside Lodge Barnwood Buffet!” You’re not just taking advantage of our knowledge…you’re actually getting the benefit of some real work here.

How much will my appraisal cost?

It depends on the amount of time we’ll need to complete the appraisal. We’ll give you a quote before we proceed so you know exactly what you’re getting into. You can also look into our antique seminars and appraisal events if you’d like to know more about appraising your own antiques.

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