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Why might you need an art auction?

Imagine sending a $20,000 painting to Goodwill. It has happened. Many incredibly valuable pieces sit unnoticed for many years.

Whether you’ve just inherited a bunch of belongings or are just trying to downsize a bit, you’re better off steering clear of the donation box until you’ve had an expert have a look at your paintings, photographs, and other art pieces. You may just have a lot of money sitting on your walls, and if you’re not an antiques expert you’d be hard-pressed to tell.

Why not just sell the art at an estate sale?

If you’ve only got one or two moderately valuable pieces, selling at an estate sale might be the way to go. However, if you own many valuable art pieces or several highly valuable pieces you might want to use a dedicated art auction to reach out to collectors who are willing to pay top dollar for the works in your possession.

Are paintings the only pieces that might sell at art auctions?

No. Sculptures, pottery, stained glass, art deco pieces, gold crafted and silver crafted pieces can all sell for top volume when they’ve been properly appraised and made available for sale at a professional art auction. Avoid making any assumptions! And yes, even pieces which might seem absolutely hideous to you might have some value among collectors. You just never know until you get a professional’s eyes on it.

Can you conduct an online art auction?

Yes. We auction art online and at live auctions regularly. We will sell your art in the venue which best suits it. It’s all about strategy, and creating the auction type which will serve you and/or the estate best.

When we meet with you we’ll discuss the best strategy for selling your art so you get top dollar for your valuables.

You can check our current online auctions here.

I’ve considered keeping some of this art.

Great! You might want us to appraise it for you anyway. First, this will allow you to make an informed decision about what you want to do with your piece. Second, because you will need a proper appraisal if you want to insure your art in the future.

I know I’ve got high-value art, but I still want to donate it.

That’s fine. You just need to get it appraised so you know the dollar value of what you are donating. The IRS requires you to appraise anything that’s worth more than $5000, and you certainly aren’t getting the full value of your tax write off if you donate a $10,000 painting and then claim $20 of donations on your taxes. Getting an art appraisal is just smart, no matter what you intend to do with the pieces.

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