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Get big-league money for your baseball cards

Like baseball itself, baseball cards are full of history and are easy to “obsess” over. Every collector has a favorite team, a favorite player, a favorite era, and maybe a favorite memory. Baseball cards are exciting to collect, and can be even more exciting to sell – if you’ve got a sought-after card or a collection that might include several.

As with other sports memorabilia, baseball cards from the 1960’s and earlier tend to be the most valuable.Many got thrown out or weren’t cared for well. Pre-World War II typically sell for the very most and appeal to many collectors who appreciate the history behind them.

In addition to age, scarcity and condition also significantly affect the value of any given baseball card. Cards are graded on a scale of 1-10. A Topps 1952 Mickey Mantle card in near-mint condition and graded 8.5 sold for $275,000 in a 2001 auction. Lesser-quality examples might only bring prices in the $1,000’s or $100’s. Well centered cards with no creases or other damage and sharp corners are the most desirable.

Who’s on the card matters, too. The cards of Hall of Fame players and other star players are more desirable than those who didn’t achieve greatness – or notoriety. Shoeless Joe Jackson was banned from the Hall of Fame because of the Black Sox betting scandal, but Jackson baseball cards are coveted because he was a great player and because of the historical importance.

None of that matters if you don’t work with an auctioneer who knows what you’ve got and how to get it in front of collectors who must have it for their collections.

We’ll get the maximum return at auction for your baseball cards

Wondering if you’ve got an All-Star auction item in your collection? We’ll appraise your collection, and get the most money for you at auction.

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As featured in Antiques and the Arts Weekly

As featured in Antiques and the Arts Weekly

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