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Auctions for Deaccessioned Pieces from Small Museums & Historical Societies

As a decision-maker at a small museum, historical society, library, art gallery, or other organization that keeps the flame of history alive, you probably have mixed feelings about deaccessioning any piece in your collection.

On the one hand, someone else will the steward of that small piece of history.

On the other hand, your museum or organization will be in a better position to preserve and procure other pieces, and to stay true to your mission long-term.

Working with the right auctioneer is the best way to connect with the right buyer (or buyers).  The right buyer may be another museum or an avid collector, and will pay fair market value (or more) for your piece or collection.  Because the buyers had to pay for the piece they wanted, they are more likely to be a steady hand to pass the torch to.  You’ll fulfill not only your fiduciary obligations, but also your obligations to history.

1809 ship movement document during term of President James Madison

1809 ship movement document from term of James Madison

Central Mass Auctions has worked with museums and historical societies and other organizations to deaccession pieces – including many pieces of historical memorabilia – for maximum return.  Whether that is through a specialty or collection auction or through another kind of auction, we have the experience and network to find and sell to the right buyer.  Call Central Mass Auctions today. 

To get the maximum return for your item or collection at auction, please call Central Mass Auctions at 508-612-6111, or email us.

19th-Century painting of U.S. sailing ships

19th-Century painting of U.S. sailing ships

Get the maximum value from your sale. Contact Central Mass Auctions today.

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