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We’ve reached the top 3 items in our top 10 list of antiques and collectibles.  Historical memorabilia is today’s topic.

This is a broad area and can include political and presidential memorabilia, items from historical events in sports and entertainment, war memorabilia, world’s fairs, circuses along with other notable events from our country’s past and from throughout the world.  With New England being so rich in history, there are also a wealth of local historical items and many collectors.

There is strong demand for important historical memorabilia from around the world.  Bloomberg reported that a copy of the Magna Carta sold for $21.3 million in 2007.  However, in this column we’ll focus on American history and Americana.  Webster defines Americana as materials concerning or characteristic of America, its civilization, or its culture.

Historical memorabilia comes in a variety of forms.  What is arguably the most important United States document became one of the greatest all time flea market finds.  One of only 24 copies of the Declaration of Independence was found behind a torn painting at a Pennsylvania flea market.  It was purchased for $4 because the buyer liked the frame.  After uncovering the Declaration of Independence, it sold for $2.4 million at auction.

Presidential materials are highly collectible.  Signed George Washington letters can sell in the $10,000’s or even higher depending on the content.  The more historical significance, the higher the value will be to collectors.

War related memorabilia can also command strong prices.  In particular, Civil War and World War II related materials are selling very well.  Civil War weapons, uniforms, photographs, documents, flags and banners, diaries and letters are all very desirable.  World War II items are also drawing high bids at auction.  German weapons and other war trophies captured by U.S. soldiers are coveted by collectors.

There are buyers for memorabilia from all important historical events and much of everyday life of the past.  Advertising signs and old stock from stores, gas stations and other businesses that closed many years ago are great finds.  An old, weathered gas station structure still brought over $4,000 when we sold it at auction.  A jacket that was worn by Admiral Byrd on one of his expeditions reached nearly $4,000.   We sold Teddy Roosevelt letters from when he was a student at Harvard University for over $4,500.


SS. Rita Spanish American War medicine chest sold for $920 at our last auction

SS. Rita Spanish American War medicine chest sold for $920 at our last auction


Our last auction on August 27th contained a number of historical items.  One example was a medicine chest from the S.S. Rita for over $900.  The ship was captured during the Spanish American War and converted into a troop ship.  A Benjamin Harrison campaign hat realized $265.


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