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As I research and share articles on social media sites like Google+ and LinkedIn, I find many that I believe would also be of interest to readers of this column.

An auctioneer from Arizona wrote a column on five collectibles he predicts will go up in value.  Porcelain and other old advertising signs and vintage toys were also in my “antiques and collectibles top 10 list” in a previous column.  His list also included vinyl records, turntables and vintage fishing lures (especially those with glass eyes).

A Casper, Wyoming newspaper column offers recommendations for hiring an estate sale company.  They suggest looking at the company on the Better Business Bureau website.  Check with friends, family and professionals such as attorneys for recommendations.  Ask if there are fees in addition to the commission and how long will the process take.  Find out how negotiations are handled.  See how items remaining after the sale are handled.

DNA technology may be used to deter art forgeries.  A forgery scandal forced the closing of the oldest gallery in Manhattan.  Many art experts won’t authenticate a previously unknown painting by a well known artist.  They are subject to lawsuits if they misidentify a piece.  A scientist from the Cancer Research Center at the University of Albany has suggested using synthetic DNA to track artwork.  When a piece has been authenticated a DNA sticker is attached to the back that can be tracked through a centralized database.

An intern made a discovery that helped save a New York City house museum.  The intern was searching through documents in the attic of the Morris-Jumel Mansion in Manhattan.  She was looking through the folder of Nicholas Roche.  Roche was an 18th century doctor who treated slaves in New York and New Jersey.  She recognized a document from her college studies as being “The Twelve United Colonies, by their Delegates in Congress, to the Inhabitants of Great Britain.”  It was estimated that the document would bring $100,000 to $400,000 to help with the $350,000 needed for restoration of the museum.  At auction it brought over $900,000!

In other auction news, a guitar played by John Lennon and George Harrison sold for $2.4 million.  Lennon used the guitar to write and record “Love me Do” and “I Want to Hold Your Hand”.  A San Diego resident bought the guitar 50 years ago for $275.  An expert used the markings, serial number and wood grain to confirm that it belonged to the former members of the Beatles.

The “Blue Moon Diamond” recently sold for $48.4 setting an auction record.  A Hong Kong businessman recently bought the 12.08 carat diamond for his 7 year old daughter, Josephine.  He renamed the diamond “The Blue Moon of Josephine”.  He also recently purchased a pink 16.0 carat pink diamond.  He also gifted that to his7 year old daughter and it is now called “Sweet Josephine”.  It’s a great way for Josephine to start the holiday season!

1965 GMC Hot Rod Pickup in Our Ashburnham Online Auction

1965 GMC Hot Rod Pickup in Our Ashburnham Online Auction

The preview for the Ashburnham online vintage auto parts, vehicles and home furnishings auction will be Saturday December 12th and Sunday December 13th from 9:00 to 3:00 at 3 Main St.  We continue to pickup up items for our January 28th live antiques auction.  See for links to both events.

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